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Everyone can benefit from homeopathy. It is suitable for men, women and children. Despite their effectiveness, homeopathic remedies are so gentle that even the weak and elderly or the very young can use them. Because the amount of active ingredient is so small, they are also suitable and even desirable for pregnant women, unlike orthodox medicines.


Animals can be treated on basically the same principles as humans, and some homeopaths specialise in treating animals.

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Depression  -  anxiety and panic attacks  -  phobias  -  stress  -  allergies  -  hayfever  -  asthma  -  bronchitis  -  colds and 'flu  -  migraines  -  headaches  -  skin complaints  - arthritis  -  viral infections  -  chronic fatigue  -  men's health problems   -  sexual problems -  menstrual problems and PMS  -  hormonal problems  -  infertility  -  childhood diseases  -  children's behavioural problems  -  weak immune system  -  irritable bowel system  (IBS) -  liver and digestive problems  -  muscle and joint problems  -  back problems

Here are a few things that homeopathy is often used to treat - there are many more: