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You should reserve an hour and a half for the first consultation, giving plenty of time for you to describe in detail to the homeopath the issues that have brought you for treatment. The homeopath will then ask you for further information about yourself generally, and may ask you many questions which seem odd or irrelevant. For instance you may be asked how you sleep, whether certain types of weather affect you, or whether there are certain foodstuffs which you

Chronic complaints

Follow-up visits

About 4-6 weeks after the first visit the homeopath will arrange for you to come for a follow up up to assess the effects of the prescribed homeopathic remedy. This will be a much shorter consultation than the first, at most an hour, but possibly even shorter. The number of follow-up visits required to complete the treatment varies enormously. In some cases the trouble may have disappeared by the first follow up and no more visits will be necessary. In cases where the problem is more deeply entrenched the patient may be required to come back at intervals over a longer period of time. At each visit the homeopath will assess the present state of affairs and repeat or change the remedy appropriately as the journey back to health progresses. As a rule of thumb, it is often said that for each year you have had a complaint, it will need a month of treatment.

Even in cases which appear to respond to treatment immediately and completely, patients are urged to attend for the initial follow up. It may be, for example, that a further prescription is necessary to ensure that the problem does not return.

Between the first and follow-up consultation, the homeopath and patient are in touch by phone or email as necessary.

Treatment fees

Initial consultation (1½ hours) £60                Follow up (1 hour) £40


Children 1 hour consultation  £40                  Follow up £35


Pensioner £50                                                 Follow up £35                                                                                                                                                                                

This price includes the remedy prescription, time spent working on the case outside of actual consultations, and phone/email contact as necessary between appointments.

Acute complaints

Coming for treatment

Acute consultations (half hour) £30 including remedy.


crave or which disagree with you. The reason for these questions is that homeopathy is holistic, that is, it focusses on the whole person and not just the complaint itself in isolation. The answers that you give enable the homeopath to establish exactly how you as an individual function, and how you personally respond to whatever affects you on the mental, physical or emotional level. With this insight it becomes possible to assess what exactly is not functioning as it should within the person as a totality. The homeopath will then use this knowledge to prescribe one or more homeopathic remedies to correct the imbalances that have occurred and restore internal harmony.

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE: lower-cost treatment option of £45 for initial consultation and £35 per follow-up with commitment to minimum of 3 visits in all. (usually 4 -6 weeks apart).

Other concessions/discounts also available to those who would have difficulty paying the above fees. Please ask.